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Being brave

When you get pushed out of your comfort zone you sometimes inevitably force yourself into other people’s comfort zones. This happened when we were walking in the rainforest in Ghana. I was, once again, very much uncomfortable. I’m terrified of snakes and got scared when we were told not to pull the tree branches, because you never know what might fall down on you… In the rainforest we met a family. Mother and father and five children. They lived in mud houses. When  we got there the father was repairing the roof on one of the houses and the mother was preparing yams. And along came we. With our cameras and hiking boots we stepped right into their comfort zone, right into their home.

They allowed us to take some photos and the children posed willingly and smiled for the camera, all but one of them. She froze and didn’t move. She was obviously a bit scared and suspicious, but she did not cry or hide.  She held her head up high and faced the camera with a serious and brave look on her face.

I’ve  been told that I’m brave for moving to South Sudan. I think people are brave when they dare to leave their comfort zone or let other people enter it. Bravery is when you face what is scary and unknown, whether it is a new country or blonde girl with a camera.


Introduction to Ghana

I’m not sure how I’m going to summarize our amazing trip to Ghana. While I’m thinking about it I’d thought I’d share some pictures. Stories will follow.

Traffic confusion in Accra

Conversation in the car on the road in Accra:

“Look at that one! He’s going in the wrong direction.”
“And he had no lights on!”
“That person is also driving in the wrong direction!”

Tarmac road turns into dirt road.

“Where did the road go?”
“This looks like a parking lot…”
“Is it a roundabout?”
“Now WE are going in the wrong direction!”

We realize a new road is under construction but it’s very unclear where the cars should drive before the new road is finished.

In all the confusion a decision has to be made quickly and Ohene concludes with, “Some drives there, others drive there. I don’t know this road but let’s go here!”. Good conclusion, right decision and we all made it home safely.