I’m just happy to help

by lifeinsouthsudan

It’s my last week at NBS and I’m at Juba international airport on my way to Malakal for a field visit. I must have a very sweet and innocent looking face because wherever I go in the world people always ask me for directions and people at bus stations and airports always ask me to watch their luggage. The same thing happened today but this time it’s a bit different. Today I’ve been entrusted someone’s mom.

It wasn’t even a request. As I was waiting to enter my gate a man came up to me and said, “You go with my mother. She don’t speak the english.” So now I’m escorting his mother to Malakal and I’ll make sure she gets on her next flight. So far all is well. We’re watching al Jazeera and I’ve managed to explain to her to keep her ticket and boarding pass ready. Oh I love field trips.