Party Saturday – bring your gun!

by lifeinsouthsudan

A colleague and I discussed guns the other day and I asked him how common it is that people in South Sudan have guns. He told me it’s very common and that you need it for protection.

“But it’s illegal. Before it was legal and you could buy a gun for a cow or two in the market. We used them when we went dancing.”

I had to interrupt him right there. “You used them when you went dancing?!” He laughed at the surprised look on my face and explained that when he was a child people wore guns over their shoulders when they went dancing. I asked if it was to attract women. “Yes, a gun shows you are rich,” and he added, “But it wasn’t automatic. Another type of gun.”

The thought of this happening in Sweden or Norway is of course absurd. People would be terrified if you showed up at a party with your gun, automatic or not. It would definitely not appeal to the ladies. Most probably it would scare people away. But I have to admit that if you have to use guns, this must be the absolute best way to do it. No killing, no threatening, just dancing.